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What makes us different

A central problem in the art of traditional herbalism is figuring out how to optimize herbal synergy. The novice herbalist combines herbs haphazardly, and may produce some positive results, but lacks the ability toharness the true power of multi-herbal potentiation.

The whole is many times greater than the sum of its parts.

The seemingly impossible goal: to make 1 + 1 equal 3. Or 5. Or 10.

The most advanced herbal practitioners have a keen sense of herb-herb interactions and how one plant will either enhance a desirable property of another, or lessen an undesirable one. A single herb is like a single note. A formula is like a large chord with anywhere from 3 to 15 or more notes. If every note in a chord is played correctly, there is perfect harmony. If even one note is off, there will be dissonance.

While ancient herbalists used their skills of observation and deduction to the best of their ability to maximize herbal synergy in their formulas, they were unable to peer into the invisible molecular realm, and thus lacked an objective way of measuring the exact contents of their herbs. With the advent of modern instrumentation, nutraceutical companies like Solaris Plant Science can easily analyze the phytonutrient content of each extract.

Solaris Plant Science has developed a proprietary technique to scientifically assess the ability of herbal extracts to maximally enhance once other. The ancient wisdom of synergistic herbal formulation has met the modern method of analytical chemistry.

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