Our Story

After years of selling our products principally through healthcare providers, we're immensely excited to finally release these clinical grade nutraceuticals to the world at large. Acting as the foundation of all of our products, the Catalyst base formula has been the subject of several university studies and countless reports from practitioners who contact us with story after story, amazed by the responses they're getting. Over the years, we've collected literally thousands of these reports ranging from impressive to extraordinary.

Methodically formulated to provide a broad range of effects, we believe that Catalyst optimizes cellular functionality, and because cells are the substructure of every tissue in the body, we're accustomed to hearing feedback about improvements in every possible area. After over 14 years of use, Catalyst has repeatedly demonstrated its unrivaled power to support the body's rapid elimination of pathogenic and toxic insults, while also enhancing a number of critical functions, such as circulation, energy, immunity, digestion, and hormonal health, just to name a few. We realize that this may sound a little too good to be true, but at the end of the day, we know exactly what our products can do. Catalyst is not just another vitamin or herbal supplement. It's a clinical potency, research-driven cellular optimizer that supports every tissue in the body from the ground up, and it's made a difference in the lives of countless people. You can read about it all day long, but once you feel the difference in your own body, you'll understand exactly what we're talking about.

Core Values


Our research and development team has worked for over 14 years to perfect extraction and formulation techniques that maximize herbal synergy. We're able to provide world-class clinical grade nutraceuticals because of the time and resources we've dedicated to redefining what's possible.


We believe in sharing knowledge for the sake of helping others, which is why we list synergistic nutrients on our product pages, even ones that we don't sell. We love to share information on health and nutrition because we feel good knowing we've made a difference in someone's life.


All of our products are entirely free of GMOs, pesticides, fillers, binders, allergens, and synthetic compounds of any kind. We provide our customers with the purest, most powerful products available.

Big Picture Thinking

Our commitment to wellness encompasses more than just supplements. It's also about minimizing environmental toxicity, promoting low-impact farming practices, reducing unnecessary packaging, and developing products to replace harmful chemicals.


With efforts underway to build a sustainable herb farm and extraction facility in Costa Rica, our goal is to use our years of accumulated expertise to grow some of the finest herbs available, in some of the most fertile soil on the planet.


Every member of the Solaris family is extremely passionate about health. Some of our team members are trained in Chinese Medicine, herbalism, clinical nutrition, chemistry, and even physics, but all of us maintain a keen interest in wellness and gain satisfaction from helping people restore their health. We believe in nourishing body, mind, and spirit, and using our gifts to be of service to others. All to the glory of God...

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