Push Catch Liver Detox
Push Catch Liver Detox

Push Catch Liver Detox

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The PushCatchTMLiver Detox is a versatile two-step cleansing protocol designed to support the elimination of toxins while minimizing their redistribution and reabsorption. Liver detoxication is essential for proper health, but improperly designed protocols can result in toxin redistribution, not elimination. 

Our elegant and powerful formulation and delivery chemistry derive from Dr. Shade’s extensive research into detoxication pathways. His specialized “push and catch” system pushes toxins with a liposomal blend of bitters buttressed by powerful antioxidant support. The catch captures toxins in the gut with a broad- spectrum constellation of binders that are blended with uniquely soothing prebiotic fibers. The toxins can then be safely eliminated by the body. This system is highly flexible and can be used as a gentle, daily standalone detox, or as an intensive program.

The PushCatchTM LiverDetox integrates two unique Quicksilver Scientific products:

Dr. Shade’s Liver SauceTM:A premier liver support combination that simultaneously supports all phases of detoxication and toxin elimination. Contains a blend of four classic drainage botanicals with a potent effect on bitter receptors, along with a synergistic medley of powerful phytonutrients to control inflammatory response and support the organ's detoxification.

UltraBinderTM:A comprehensive, broad-spectrum binder that works across the gut to intercept and neutralize an array of toxins. Because binders can be constipating, soothing and uidizing acacia gum and aloe vera are included in the blend.


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