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Nettles and Walnut Leaves for Diabetes

Posted by matt dorsey on 7/30/2015 to Herbal Info
Diabetes is on the rise, and the statistics are staggering...

Clove oil as an Antitoxin

Posted by matt dorsey on 7/23/2015 to Herbal Info
Clove oil as an Antitoxin
Clove oil can help protect your lungs from damage due to the inhalation of diesel fumes! A key component of our line of Catalystâ„¢ nutraceuticals, clove functions in many ways as an antitoxin. This article discusses some research demonstrating its ability to protect the body from various insults, both natural and manmade.

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The Power of Turmeric

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Rosemary's Many Benefits

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Rosemary, one of the herbs in our Catalyst base formula, has a wide variety of health promoting properties, including:

Digestive Regulation
Inflammation Support
Neurological Protection
Healthy Cellular Replication
Memory Enhancement                                              

If you'd like to learn more about why herbalists around the world use rosemary for a wide variety of issues, and what studies are being done to research its wide spectrum of powerful phytonutrients, click here to read the article from Medical News Today!
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